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Home+ supports urls with the scheme at.mah.home since version 5.4.0. Opening the url at.mah.home:// automatically opens the Home+ app.

Navigation urls allow you to switch to a specific view in Home+. For example the url at.mah.home://navigate/home/house/ opens the view of the home “House”.

You can add additional components to the url to switch to a specific room, zone or accessory gorup.

Show All Accessoriesat.mah.home://navigate/home/house/accessory
Show Smart Group "Lights"at.mah.home://navigate/home/house/smart-group/lights
Show Favoritesat.mah.home://navigate/home/house/favorites
Show Room "Kitchen" at.mah.home://navigate/home/house/room/kitchen
Show accessory "Blinds" in Room "Kitchen" at.mah.home://navigate/home/house/room/kitchen/accessory/blinds
Show zone "Upstairs"at.mah.home://navigate/home/house/zone/upstairs

As you can see a navigation url contains key-value-pairs. The keys are predefined, like home, room and accessory. The values are the names of your home, room or accessory.

If you don’t want to update your navigation urls values, once the name of a room or accessory changes, you can let Home+ generate navigation urls for you. Those urls do not contain the names of your items, but instead a unique identifier, which do not change over time.

You can find navigation endpoints in the app by looking for the symbol. Tapping on the symbol lets you copy the url to the clipboard.

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