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Smart Home Automation

Home is the most advanced iOS app to control and automate your HomeKit-enabled accessories. It's the only app that creates a wide range of HomeKit automation rules to automate your smart home.

Keep track of your home.

Home provides an overview over all your accessories. You quickly see the temperature in your rooms or if doors are closed. You can peek into a specific accessory to get more details using 3D Touch or swipe left to turn devices on and off.

A wide range of manufacturers already support HomeKit. You can find a list of popular accessories in our buying guide.

Make your home smart.

Home lets you automate accessories using simple rules. For example, turn the lights on 15 minutes before sunset but only if somebody is at home.

Home on iOS 11 includes new automation features and is more powerful than ever.

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Control multiple devices at once.

Home lets you create groups of devices to control them all at once. The app even provides smart groups based on your home configuration. For example, there will be a group for all lights bulbs in your office. You can favorite groups and control them with just one tap from the Today View.

Accessible to everyone.

Home embraces accessibility and you can be sure that it looks great even for large text sizes. With the introduction of Smart Invert Colours in iOS 11, you can now use Home in a dark theme.

Enable in iOS Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations → Invert Colours → Smart Invert.

On all your devices.

Home runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can configure your home on your iOS device and quickly access your favorites on your Apple Watch. No matter where you are, Home gives you control over your smart home.

"Home provides a more conventional interface for managing HomeKit accessories and related services that I find easier to use […]"

“Home is a great addition to any HomeKit house, taking a slightly different approach than Apple does to home automation.”

Home for iOS 11

Updated UI
Home looks beautiful with the updated user interface which is specifically designed for iOS 11.

Release Notes

New Accessory Types
Home supports all new accessory types which were introduced in iOS 11.

Buying Guide

Powerful Automation
Automate your accessories using the new automation features.





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