Open-Source HomeKit Camera

Introducing the HomeKit camera with a 3D-printed enclosure. It uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and standard camera module. It offers a pre-configured Raspbian image with all software components already installed.

The source code and 3D-printed parts are available on Github.

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Build One Yourself

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Camera Module
  • Camera Cable compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero
  • 5.1V micro USB Power Supply
  • MicroSD Card
  • 3D-Printed Enclosure

On you get everything (enclosure excluded) for less than $30.

The enclosure can be printed with any 3D printer. With its snap-fit design, you don't need any screws to assemble it.

At the bottom there is an inner thread to attach the 3D-printed stand. The threading is compatible with the Articulating Raspberry Pi Camera Mount. This means you can combine different brackets to mount the camera at your favourite spot.

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  • hkcam daemon
  • HomeKit app

The easiest way to get started is to use the pre-configured Raspbian image, which includes everything you need.

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HomeKit App

You can access the camera and view the live stream directly from your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You only need a compatible HomeKit app. Apple's Home app works just fine.


Home+ is a powerful HomeKit app for iOS and watchOS. You can control and automate any HomeKit-compatible accessory with it. Home+ is also the only app (at this point), which unlocks the Persistent Snapshots features of HKCam.

Persistent Snapshots

Persistent Snapshots is a unique feature in HKCam, which lets you take snapshots and store them on the camera persistently. This feature is implemented via custom HomeKit characteristics, which means that it can be used in combination with other HomeKit accessories in automations.

For example you can set up an automation to take a snapshot when motion is detected in the living room. This is a very essential feature if you want to use HKCam as a security camera.

To learn more about Persistent Snapshots, check out the documentation on Github.

Secure And Private

All communication between your iOS device and HKCam is handled by HomeKit. You can be sure that your data is encrypted and safe. No data is stored on servers or third-parties.

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