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The best-in-class HomeKit app

With Home + you can control more than just your HomeKit accessories. You can create complex automations which are not possible with the Home app from Apple. You can quickly access your cameras, accessories, scenes and sensor from the Today widgets. You can choose from a wide range of accessory symbols to personalise your smart home. And finally Home+ lets you create backups of your HomeKit data.

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Home+ shows you the history data of Eve accessories in simple charts. This way you know how the measured values have changed over time.

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Powerful Automations

Home+ lets you create automations which are just not possible with Apple's Home app. For example toggling the bathroom light when pressing a programmable switch button.

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Tap, Swipe, Control

The new user interface makes it easy to control HomeKit-enabled accessories. Dimming lights, switching outlets or controlling blinds is just a tap and swipe away.

Custom Accessory Icons

You can choose from different icons to personalise your accessories.

Wallpapers New

You can set wallpapers for your home and your rooms.

Organise Automations

If you have a lot of automations, you can group them in folders to get a better overview.

Widgets New

You get quick access to your HomeKit accessories and scenes with the Home+ Widgets. On iOS 16 Widgets are also available for the Lock Screen.
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Unrestricted Access

Home+ shows you all characteristics of an accessory. You are no longer restricted to what Apple's Home app is showing you.


With a backup you can secure your HomeKit data and restore it later.
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Home+ is developed since 2015 and is available on the App Store with a one-time purchase. Your purchase will support the future development of the app.

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