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8 November 2023

  • Shows reordering options on Favorites screen
  • Doesn’t group accessories by room on Favorites screen
  • Fixes watchOS watch face complications
  • Fixes appearance of scenes when screen has a background image


17 October 2023

  • The battery level of your HomeKit accessories is now available in the smart group “Batteries”
  • A home screen widget can now show multiple accessories and scenes on iOS 17
  • The new battery widget shows the battery level of accessories right on your home screen
  • Multiple garage doors are now available under the smart group “Garage Doors”
  • Accessories are grouped by room in the overview screen


27 March 2023

  • An accessory can be replaced by another one. This is useful if an accessory is broken and has to be replaced in scenes and automations.
  • A scene can now import all actions from another scene.
  • Better support for Eve Weather charts.


25 November 2022

New Features

  • Provides widgets to toggle accessories and to set scenes from the Home and Lock Screen.
  • Allows setting a wallpaper as background. (Wallpaper are synced between devices with the same iCloud account.)
  • Shows a chart for history values from Eve accessories.
  • Contains UI improvements to better match the style in the new Apple Home app.


  • Accessories can now be sorted by type, name or room.
  • Widgets on watchOS now work more reliable.


31 May 2022

  • Fixes an issue, where all weekdays are pre-configured for time-based automations.


23 May 2022

HomeKit now requires that the recurrence days (ex Saturday and Sunday) are specified for time-based automations (ex Time is 9.00 AM). This update makes sure that Home+ shows the recurrence days for those kinds of automations.


28 April 2022

  • Shows link button to copy navigation link in accessory detail view


28 April 2022

  • Adds support for navigation urls to open specific screens in the app
  • Adds swimming pool icon
  • Fixes an issue where some characteristics could not be added to automations


28 March 2022

  • Fixes the issue that characteristics are not shown for an accessory
  • Fixes wrong order of automation folders


24 March 2022


  • Better supports push buttons
  • Supports ConnectSense custom characteristics
  • Shows info when others are already viewing a camera stream


12 February 2022

– Allows activating/deactivating of automations in a folder – Fixes the sort order of automations


19 January 2022

  • Shows the automations for a scene in the detail view
  • Adds a search field to search scenes
  • Supports multiple location events in one automation


18 November 2021


  • Improves status text of thermostats
  • Include range trigger events in backups


23 September 2021

  • Includes additional app and accessory icons
  • Supports iOS 15


17 May 2021

  • Fixes a crash when option the list of automations


4 May 2021

New Features

  • Provides option to execute automation once. The automation is then disabled after execution.
  • Provides a compact appearance size for camera, scene and sensor widgets. See “App Settings” → “Today Widgets”.
  • Allows hiding accessories
  • Supports grouped fans


  • Allows using custom characteristics in automations
  • Improves performance when adding a HomeKit bridge with a lot of bridged accessories
  • Shows filter maintenance services


20 February 2021


  • Supports automation trigger for a value range
  • Allows searching for automations based on scene name
  • Provides haptic feedback when using digital crown on the Apple Watch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where a backup could not be created
  • Fixes issue where the backup file name contains a colon “:”
  • Fixes issue where the value of a sensor was clipped
  • Fixes typo in German translation
  • Fixes sort order of scenes on Apple Watch
  • Fixes issue where accessory group is not displayed if the contained accessories are located in different rooms
  • Fixes issue where air quality and humidity sensors are not shown under Air Senors
  • Fixes issue where Vado bridge is not shown under Bridges


8 February 2021

Bug fixes


4 February 2021

Home+ 5 is a major update and includes an enhanced user interface and new powerful features, which makes it easier to control and configure HomeKit devices.

  • The new user interface was designed to feel familiar and to make it easier than ever to control accessories and to configure automations.
  • New icons allow you to personalise your accessories, rooms and scenes.
  • The updated Automation screen lets you organise your automations in folders.
  • With Smart Groups you can quickly control multiple accessories at once.
  • In new Favourites screen all your favourite scenes, accessories, cameras and sensors are listed.
  • You can finally restore your HomeKit data with backups.


22 June 2020

  • Allows using time of day and solar altitude in one automation condition (ex “From 10 AM to Sunset”, or “From Sunrise to 2 Hour after Sunrise”)
  • Fixes showing rounded characteristic values in automations (ex. 1.2 kW is now displayed as 1,230 W)


10 June 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where the color of light bulbs is not correctly shown in automations
  • Fixes wrong order of scenes in widget


26 May 2020


  • Allows copying and pasting of light colours via a long press on the hex value
  • Adds additional offset increments to sunrise/sunset events ad conditions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where small lux values were not available


6 April 2020


  • Increase undo actions countdown duration to 24h

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where a selected accessory is ignored when creating new automations
  • Fixes “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error on app launch


24 January 2020

  • Fixes crash during launch on devices running iOS 12.


8 January 2020

  • Correctly refreshes accessories after app launch


27 November 2019

Fixes an issue where scenes could not be added to automations


21 November 2019

New Features

  • Allows showing service in separate tile
  • Includes 20 new accessory icons
  • Provides an activist log where changes of characteristic values are listed; see Settings > Activity Log
  • Allows ordering of favorite accessories, cameras, groups and scenes; see Settings > Favorites


  • On smaller screen sizes (iPhone SE), the accessory and group widget only shows 2 tiles per row


17 October 2019


  • Adds button to quickly add action for specific accessory to a scene
  • Changes name of Apple Watch app and widgets to Home+
  • Shows warning symbol when accessory has detected an obstruction
  • Shows room name for accessory tile in widget
  • Supports Nanoleaf light panel
  • Prevents line break between value and unit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue when editing color of light in scene and automation
  • Fixes an issue where the status low battery is shown, even though it should be hidden
  • Fixes various crashes


25 September 2019

New Features

  • Resdesigned user interface
  • New Accessories tab shows a list of accessories as tiles
  • New 50+ accessories icons
  • New app icon and allows changing the app icon
  • Supports Dark Mode on iOS 13

More Improvements

  • Supports context menues on iOS 13
  • Supports string characteristics in scenes and automations
  • Allows merging multiple scenes into one
  • Allows duplicating scenes and triggers
  • Allows adding more than one condition of the same characteristic to an event trigger
  • Synchronizes the order of HomeKit items via iCloud
  • Accessories from a specific room can be temporarily hidden in the Accessories tab.

Apple Watch

  • Updated user interface with tile layout
  • Camera snapshots are now correctly displayed


21 May 2019


  • Supports Lock Management related characteristics in automations
  • Supports Ecobee motion detected duration
  • Supports Leviton dimmer
  • Shows air pressure values always in hectopascal
  • Doesn’t show black bars in camera snapshots

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where list of automations is not updated when switching from Apple’s Home to Home 3


15 April 2019

New Features

  • Shows values of services in groups
  • Contact sensors can now be associated with a doors, garage doors, windows or blinds
  • New colour presets for lights
  • Supports latest Parce Plus firmware
  • Supports Mi Flora accessory (via Homebridge plugin)


  • Watch app supports new row animation when scrolling in watchOS 5.1 and higher
  • Improves support for Fibaro heat controller

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes crash when adding Eve Energy to automation


11 December 2018

New Features

  • New icon for the Apple Watch app as well as new complication icons

Further Improvements

  • In automations the room name is shown next to the device name to make it easier to distinguish between devices with the same name
  • Updates the thermostat automation example when creating a new automation

Bug Fixes

  • Brightness changes of lights by using a swipe gesture are now correctly send to the device
  • Change of name of a room and zone is now correctly shown


26 November 2018

New Features

  • Includes a new Camera widget to see your favorite HomeKit cameras in the Today View
  • Allows changing the conjunction (AND, OR) of conditions
  • Supports rain and wind sensor of Netatmo weather station


  • Improves toggling of window, window covering and doors
  • Allows 1, 2, 3 and 4 seconds countdown to undo trigger actions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes crash when adding Eve Door & Window to an automation
  • Fixes bug where altitude is not correctly converted to feet


1 June 2018

  • Supports opening and closing windows, window coverings and doors via swipe-left gesture in the app or tap in the widget
  • Fixes bug where app could not be opened from the widget


22 May 2018

  • Fixes wrong calculation of temperature in Fahrenheit


17 May 2018


  • Supports brightness characteristic for the night light service of First Alert OneLink smoke detector and CO detector

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where camera live stream is clipped
  • Fixes bug where initial temperature unit is not set in Watch app
  • Fixes bug where favourites are not updated in Watch app


22 February 2018

  • Fixes crash when adding action to scene


19 February 2018


  • Shows value picker below slider when selecting row
  • Asks to add scene or individual actions to an automation
  • Improves scrolling performance
  • Supports iHome firmware service
  • Supports Netatmo Home Coach sound sensor
  • Asks when deleting automation to also delete assigned scene

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where today widgets don’t resize when number of favourites changed
  • Fixes bug where new group doesn’t show up immediately after creation
  • Fixes bug where reordering doesn’t always work
  • Fixes crash when adding current temperature of Elgato Eve Weather accessory as trigger event, if current temperature is below 0°C
  • Fixes German translations


21 December 2107


  • Add Spanish translations
  • Provides more sunrise/sunrise event offset values (e.g. 2 hours before sunrise)
  • Adds swipe gesture to enable and disable trigger
  • Allows time condition for event trigger with events other than time events

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes size of Today widgets
  • Fixes wrong temperature unit in Today widgets
  • Fixes bug where time of event trigger was displayed wrong
  • Fixes bug where undo countdown could not be removed from an event trigger
  • Fixes gray icon if garage door was closed


16 October 2017

Fixes an issue where today widgets couldn’t be loaded.


14 October 2017


  • Triggers can fire on a specific range value again
  • Allows more precise control of values using a slider
  • Supports bidirectional communcation with IP cameras
  • Improves layout on iPhone X
  • Doesn’t show incorrect Home Hub state

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes IP camera stream in dark theme
  • Fixes bug where characteristic value is not sent to accessory if finger is lifted outside of the slider
  • Fixes crash on iPad when long pressing on the “Add Actions” button


19 September 2017

Home 3 adds support for iOS 11 with an updated user interface and new automation features.

User Interface – Home 3 looks beautiful with the updated user interface, which is specifically designed for iOS 11. Home also supports the new accessibility text sizes and provides a dark theme, if Smart Invert Colours is enabled. And finally you can reorder your accessories, scenes and triggers using Drag & Drop.

Automation – Home 3 supports the new automation features introduced in iOS 11. You can now execute actions on sunrise/sunset, when somebody leaves or enters home and when a characteristic value is within a specific range. There are also new trigger conditions to only execute actions on specific weekdays or based on the presence of people at home. These and other features allow you to automate your home in new ways.

More Improvements

  • Actions can now be added directly to triggers
  • Adds support for programmable switches and color temperature
  • Provides preview actions to turn devices on or off
  • Sets unit settings based on devices’ region setting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug where the state of groups couldn’t be changed from the Today View


27 August 2017

  • Updates links to webpage and support email address


10 August 2017

  • Supports iHome Smart Monitor: You can now change the Ambient Light Detection Threshold and the sound detector service is now available under the Services tab.
  • Supports Eve Motion
  • Unblocking of bridged accessory now works again


23 June 2017

  • Adds iOS 11 compatibility
  • Adds support for air purifier, de-/humidifier, heater and cooler
  • Fixes in issue where temperature was shown wrong if step value was less than 1 degree
  • Fixes empty today widget on iOS 9


18 January 2017

  • Fixes appearance of Today widget for larger text
  • Fixes crashes


3 January 2017

  • Allows changing the state of groups in the Today widget and Watch app


1 December 2016

  • Adds support for locks in Today widgets
  • Fixes issue when adding new accessories


26 October 2016


  • Long press on an item in the Today widget to open the Home app and jump directly to a scene, service or service group
  • Tapping on a Today widget item now also changes the state of a door, garage door and microphone
  • Provide haptic feedback on iPhone 7 (Plus) for swipe actions
  • Support Elgato Eve Energy electric current, current consumption and current voltage in event trigger conditions
  • Improve legibility of long text in the Today widgets

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where wrong scene is execute from the Apple Watch app


24 September 2016

  • Fixes layout of Today widget on iOS 10
  • Allows non-readable characteristics as trigger events


12 September 2016

Version 2 improves the look and feel of the app on iOS 10 and watchOS 3, adds support for HomeKit IP cameras and makes it easier to control outlets and lights.

iOS 10 and watchOS 3 - The Today widgets are redesigned to better fit into iOS 10. The watchOS app matches the style of the Today widgets now too.

IP Camera - If you’re running iOS 10, you can now control your HomeKit IP cameras on iOS and watchOS.

Outlets and Light Bulbs - Outlets and light bulbs can now be control using swipe actions. You can toggle the power state by swiping to the left. Swiping to the right lets you quickly change the brightness of lights. For coloured lights you can choose from predefined colours.


2 August 2016

  • Support for the new Elgato Eve Room firmware


18 July 2016

  • Support for the new Elgato Eve Weather firmware


2 July 2016

  • Fixes an issue with Philips Hue White Ambience lights


15 June 2016

  • Better support for Philips Hue White Ambiance, Nanoleaf Hub, and iHome SmartPlug accessories.


16 May 2016


  • Better support for Ecobee thermostat (Thanks Francis)
  • Better support for right-to-left languages
  • Hide Lock Management and Battery service in Services tab
  • Show correct characteristic for group in Today widget and Apple Watch app


6 May 2016


  • Support First Alert OneLink accessory and Ecobee temperature sensors
  • Show service icons for accessories, in scenes, and event triggers
  • Show current consumption in overview for Parce One outlet
  • Show if smoke is detected in overview for smoke detectors


22 April 2016

New Overview - The list of accessories is now replaced by a list of services. This resolves issues where accessories with the same name couldn’t be distinguished. Accessories are now available in the Home tab.

Peek and Pop - You can now use Force Touch to peek and pop into homes and services on your iPhone 6s (Plus).

HomeKit Accessory Support - There is now a better support for Parce One and Ecobee 3 accessories.


  • Support associated service types in groups
  • Use Heart symbol to mark something as favourite
  • Consistently order actions in scenes
  • Allow unconfigured accessories to join your Wi-Fi network using Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC)
  • Hide Home and Triggers tab for invited people because they can’t make changes anyway
  • Separate time and event triggers in two groups
  • Sort triggers by last fire date
  • Show service name instead of accessory name in trigger characteristic conditions
  • Show checkmark for characteristics which are used in scenes or triggers
  • Show version number in settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where next fire date of time trigger was in the past
  • Fix bug where last fire date of trigger was wrong


2 March 2016

Groups - Groups are used to combine multiple services and allow you to change characteristics of those services simultaneously. Groups can also be used to create scenes. Learn More

Tab Bar - Rooms and Zones are merged into one tab. Accessories are now under the Accessories Tab. Groups were added.


  • Better support for Elgato Eve Weather, Room, Door and Energy products
  • Don’t allow event triggers to be enabled without scenes and events
  • Support boolean write-only characteristics
  • Show ⚠️ in widget if connection to accessory could not be established

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue where list of accessories is not updated when service name changed
  • Fixes issue where on/off toggle is shown in Today widget for non-writeable characteristic
  • Fixes bug where temperature unit was wrong in specific cases. Now only the user defined unit in the app settings is used.
  • Fixes issue where list of triggers was not updated when next fire date of timer trigger changed
  • Hopefully fixes issue where no toggle is shown in Today widget for accessories


13 January 2016

3D Touch Support - Use Quick Actions to execute your scenes right from the Homescreen on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Event Trigger Enhancements - You can now create triggers, which are activated every time a characteristic value changes.

Other Enhancements

  • Improve support for dynamic type (different text sizes)
  • Show service name of favorite accessory also in Watch app
  • Better support for slider step values other than 1 or 0.1
  • Make it easier to see if an accessory is already assigned to a room
  • Provide links to help pages throughout the app


14 December 2015

  • Fixes a critical issue where invalid event triggers could be created. In iOS 9.2 homes, which contain invalid event triggers cannot be accessed anymore.
  • Shows + and - for Hue sliders
  • Fixes images for iPhone 6(s) Plus


9 December 2015

Favorite Scenes - You can now favorite scenes, which then show up in the Today view and Apple Watch app.

Watch App - The Watch app shows your favorite accessories and scenes. The interaction with accessories is now limited to simple actions, like turning on a light.

Scenes and Triggers Creation - Selecting a row for a characteristic, adds the current value as action to a scenes or as event to a trigger. Selecting a highlighted row, removes the corresponding action/event again.


  • Show service name for accessory which makes it easier to distinguish Philips Hue lights
  • Deletion of home now requires a confirmation
  • Accessories can be removed from rooms
  • Last fire date of event trigger is shown similar to time trigger
  • Remove event trigger condition for a specific time, which does not work because of a HomeKit bug

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes crash when re-assigning accessory to the same room
  • Fixes bug where no thermostat icon is shown for temperature sensor in Today view
  • Fix bug where jumping to a specific characteristic (from the Today widget or scene) ended in the wrong accessory when there are multiple accessories with the same name
  • Hopefully fixes crash when sending support email


2 December 2015

  • New setting to show temperature in Fahrenheit.


22 October 2015

Handoff - When you use the app on iPad, you can pick up your iPhone and jump right into the app where you left.


  • Allow more concise control of values when using a slider - increase the value by tapping the right image in the - slider, same works for decreasing the value
  • Allow changing the primary home
  • Allow adding more than one condition for event triggers
  • Does not crash anymore when searching an address for a location event
  • Support contact sensor characteristics
  • Show temperature values in Fahrenheit if accessory provides a characteristic to set temperature units


17 September 2015

This version supports new characteristics and event triggers introduced in iOS 9.

Event Triggers - Event triggers allow setting scenes based on events and conditions. Events can be characteristic or location events; for example when the garage door is opened and I leave the house. Conditions can be time or characteristic conditions; for example before sunrise and front door is locked. Event triggers are a powerful way to script complex behaviour.

Tab Bar - The Users tab is removed. Sharing a home with others can now be done from iOS Settings > HomeKit.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tapping an icon in the tab bar navigates back to the list of homes. Now it does what it should do.


23 August 2015

This version correctly shows temperature in Fahrenheit and fixes some crashes.


15 July 2015

Initial release

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