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Create Automation

HomeKit uses automations to control accessories when an event happens. Following events are available in HomeKit

  • Time of day (8.30 AM)
  • Altitude of the sun (sunrise)
  • Characteristic value of an accessory (Light gets turned on)
  • Entering or leaving a location (Somebody leaves the home)

Automations also supports conditions.

  • Nobody is at home
  • Time is between
    • 10AM and 3PM
    • sunset and sunrise
  • Light is turned on
  • Day of the week is either saturday or sunday

If an event happens and the conditions are met, some actions are executed. Actions do change the characteristic value of accessories. For example the light is turned on or the target temperature of the thermostat is set to 73°F.


Every monday, wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday at 10AM the irrigation system is turned on, and turned off again after 30 minutes.
The blinds are closed 1 hour after sunset.
The blinds are opened at 7.05 AM from monday until friday.
If the living room temperature drops below 68°F, the thermostat is turned on and set to 72°F, but only if somebody is at home.
If the motion sensor in the restroom detected motion, the light is turned on.
If the motion sensor in the restroom detects no motion, the light is turned off.

Which device is responsible for executing automations?

Your Home Hub (Apple TV, HomePod, iPad) is responsible for executing automations. If your iPhone or iPad is turned off, your automations still work.

HomeKit automatically synchronised the data with your Home Hub in the background. How you can configure a Home Hub is described in this article.

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