Home+ 4

Smart HomeKit Automation

Home+ 4 is the most advanced iOS app to control and automate your HomeKit accessories. It's the only app that creates a wide range of HomeKit automation rules to automate your smart home.

"Home+ 4 is another terrific update to my favorite alternative to Apple’s Home app. The latest update addresses many of the weaknesses of Apple’s app by providing greater customization and control to users."

“All of these changes make the third-party Home app really appealing over the built-in app, and there’s a great widget for controlling favorited accessories that can live on the iPad Home screen now.”

Home+ is built for HomeKit enthusiasts

From advanced automations and debugging tools, to easy-to-use interfaces, we’ve built everything you need to manage your smart home.

Keep track of your home.

Home+ provides an overview over all your accessories. You quickly see the temperature in your rooms or if windows are closed. You can quickly turn device on and off with a simple tap.

A wide range of manufacturers already support HomeKit. You can find a list of popular accessories in our buying guide.

Customise your devices.

Home+ lets you choose from over 70 device icons. The icons are specifically designed to look great in light and dark mode on iOS 13.

Make your home smarter.

Automate your accessories with powerful rules. For example, turn the lights on when anyone arrives at home but only at night or if nobody is at home.

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Control devices all at once.

Home+ lets you create groups of devices to control them all at once. The app even provides smart groups based on your home configuration. For example, there will be a group for all lights bulbs in your home. You can favorite groups and control them with just one tap from the Home Groups widget.

Keep track of your favorites.

The widgets lets you view your favorite accessories, groups and cameras. Your favorites are also available in the Apple Watch app.

On all your devices.

Home+ runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can configure your home on your iOS device and quickly access your favorites on your Apple Watch. No matter where you are, Home gives you control over your smart home.

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