Accessory Buying Guide

Wondering what HomeKit accessories you should buy? Here is an overview of popular HomeKit accessories. Before buying new accessories, you should look for the HomeKit badge on the product packaging. All accessories with this badge will work with the app.

Works with HomeKit badge

If you have already home automation accessories, which are not compatible with HomeKit, you can use bridges to make them compatible with HomeKit. There are two open source projects you might find useful: HomeControl and Homebridge.




Depending on the light bulb, you can change the power state (on/off), brightness and color. Also some light bulbs require a hub, which has to be connected to your local network.


Thermostats are a great start to reduce your heating costs by heating if somebody is at home. Make sure to choose the thermostat, which is compatible with your existing heating system.


Security Systems

IP Cameras

Temperature Sensors

Environment Sensors

Smoke Sensors

Contact Sensors

Motion Sensors

Water Sensors

Vibration Sensors

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