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Send Push Notifications

Notifications are messages sent to an Apple device to keep users up to date on current and relevant events. For example, a notification can be sent when the doorbell has been pressed.

The front doorbell just rang.

In order to receive notifications, the respective Apple devices must be registered beforehand. Registering Apple devices and receiving notifications is done via the Configurator app.

Which devices can receive notifications?

Notifications can only be received from an iPhone and iPad. If your iPhone is locked, the notifications will also appear on your Apple Watch and in CarPlay.

When sending a message, you can specify which devices should receive the message. This makes it easy to send messages only to specific people or devices.

How are messages sent?

Notifications are sent in scripts with the function SendNotification.

1var hkknx = import("hkknx")
2hkknx.SendNotification("Doorbell", "The front doorbell just rang.")

The message is forwarded to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) via a specially developed notification service. An internet connection is therefore required to send messages.

In order to cover the costs of operating the messaging service, a subscription must be taken out to use it. However, this service is available free of charge during the beta phase. You will be informed in advance as soon as the beta phase is over.

How are Apple devices enrolled?

The following steps can be used to register an Apple device to receive notifications.

  1. Install the Configurator app on the Apple device
  2. On the Apple device, open the web interface of the HomeKit Bridge for KNX and go to SettingsApple devices.
  3. Tap on Register this device and open the Configurator app

After successful registration, a registration confirmation appears. The device will now appear in the list of registered devices. If necessary, the device can be renamed.

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