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Invoice Scanning

On iOS 11 you can scan invoices with Finances for iOS and attach them to transactions as PDF documents. This way you will never lose your bills again.

QR-Code Support

Finances also recognizes QR-codes, which are based on the European guideline for SEPA credit transfers and the Austrian Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung (RKSV), to automatically fill in the transaction amount, date, payee and currency.

European SEPA Credit Transfer – QR-codes for SEPA credit transfers are printed on payment forms and contain the amount, payee IBAN and name.

Austrian RKSV – QR-codes on invoices, which are subject to the RKSV, contain the amount and date of payment.

For example, if you scan the following bill, which contains a QR-code based on the Austrian RKSV, Finances will automatically fill in the transaction amount of € 22.21 and the date, March, 21st 2018 at 9.41.

Fake Bill

The following video shows QR-code scanning in action.

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