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HomeKit Bridge for KNX

Control your KNX devices with HomeKit.

Combine the sophisticated technology of KNX with the comfortable user interface of HomeKit. With the Home app you can control your Smart Home from all Apple devices. But that's not all. HomeKit protects your privacy, supports voice commands and enables remote access from the Internet.

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Control the devices with the Apple Home app on your iPhone.

A modern KNX dashboard.
The Home app gives you full access to your Smart Home. The app is developed by Apple and is available for free on all Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, HomePod and CarPlay. → →
Easy to use

The Apple Home app lets you control your accessories with an easy-to-use user interface.

Available everywhere

The Home app is available for free on iOS, watchOS and macOS. You don't need to install another app on your iPhone and iPad.

Voice Control

You can use Siri to control HomeKit accessories using voice commands. Siri is available on all Apple devices.


All HomeKit data communication is secured and private. No data is stored in the cloud.

Remote Access

HomeKit lets you access your accessories from the Internet. The data is encrypted and routed through Apple server.


HomeKit offers a wide range of smart home accessories, which you can control with the Home app.

For the whole family

Family members can be added to the HomeKit home as guests to get access to the accessories.

Future Proof

Apple constantly improves HomeKit and adds new features to the Home app. Apple has great interest in developing HomeKit further.

Versatile Hardware

The iPad looks great on a wall to visualize and control your accessories. It can also be your family calendar, to-do list and music player.

The HomeKit Bridge for KNX supports the following accessories.

Garage Door
Contact Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Hummidity Sensor
Leakage Sensor
Light Sensor
Security System
Motion Sensor
Presence Sensor
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Air Quality Sensor
Smoke Sensor
Living Room
Ceiling Lamp
Garage Door
Alarm System

Powerful Scripting

Do more in your KNX Smart Home.

Extend your KNX smart home with scripts by programming automations, sending messages and communicating with other devices in the network.

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Simple Scripting Language

Use variables, for-loops and if/then statements to create automations.

Skriptsprache lernen → Learn Language →

Weather Data

Load weather data from the internet and use it for your automatic garden irrigation.

Wetterdaten abfragen → Fetch Weather Data →

iOS Notifications

Send notifications to your iPhone when important events happen.

Versende Mitteilungen an dein iPhone, wenn wichtige Ereignisse auftreten.

Mitteilungen versenden → Send Notifications →


Connect to an MQTT broker to send and receive data.

Beispiel anzeigen → Show Example →


Send data to an InflxuDB v2 server to store them permanently.

Beispiel anzeigen → Show Example →

Network Protocolls

Communicate with other devices on your network via UDP, TCP, HTTP or JSON.

Schnell einrichten.

Nie wieder hergeben.


Danke für die Software, für einen DAU wie mich perfekt um mal schnell eine funktionale visu zusammenzuwursteln ohne viel Einarbeitung wie z.B bei Edomi.


Ich bin begeistert. Habe heute den Raspberry Pi 3 meines Sohnes "gestohlen" und nach ca. 2 Stunden Arbeit läuft die Bridge an meinem Demobrett, inklusive Home-App plus erster KNX Geräte. Das wird die erste Visualisierung für mein neues KNX Haus; ich werde nicht weiter suchen.


Also bei mir läuft auch alles super. So hatte ich es mir vorgestellt. Nicht so kompliziert wir andere Systeme.


Sounds great.

What do I need?


You need the HomeKit Bridge for KNX software to access KNX devices from the Apple Home app. The software communicates with the KNX bus and with HomeKit.

The "software" package can be downloaded the project page on GitHub. The system runs on macOS and Linux, and needs only minimal resources. You can use a Raspberry Pi to run it continuously.

Software herunterladen → Download Package →

Single-board computers, such as a Raspberry Pi, are sufficient to run the software. →

Once the HomeKit Bridge for KNX is addded to HomeKit, you can use the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac to control the accessories.

Use an iPad and mount it on a wall to get quick access to your KNX devices. Other people can use it as well to control blinds and lights. In addition to that, you can also use the built-in calendar, browser, reminder and music player.

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Ready To Install?

Let's Go!

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Basic Installation

You want to install the system without much work? No problem. You only need to copy a pre-configured operating system on a memory card and put it into a Raspberry Pi. Done!

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Advanced Installation

You want to install the software on a linux server yourself? Perfect. You can download the package via the command line and install it.

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