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The HomeKit Bridge for KNX is a software which lets you control KNX devices via HomeKit. The software lets you create and configuration accessories based on KNX group addresses. HomeKit then accesses those accessories via the HomeKit Bridge for KNX.

The software is available as a binary file and provides an interface to KNX for HomeKit. The binary file is available for different operating systems and doesn’t require much processing ressources.

The software includes a built-in website to configurate the bridge. The connection to KNX is established via a KNX IP gateway – an internet connection is not required.

The user can then use the Apple Home app to control the accessories. This app is pre-installed on Apple devices since iOS 10 and is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and CarPlay. Controlling accessories via the Home app is very intuitive and Apple improves the app every year.

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