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You will need the following devices to use the HomeKit Bridge for KNX.

  • A KNX IP gateway
  • A computer, which has access to a KNX installation via the KNX IP gateway.
  • An iOS device to add the bridge to HomeKit.

KNX IP Gateway

A KNX IP gateway provides access to a KNX installation based on IP technology. The bridge uses KNXnet/IP Tunelling to send and receive KNX data. The KNX IP gateway must therefore support KNXnet/IP Tunnelling.


The software runs on the macOS and Linux operating system and only needs minimal resources.

A Raspberry Pi is a cheap computer and provides enough processing power to run the system. This computer is very small and can be put nearly anywhere in the house.

Of course you can also run the software on any existing hardware.

iOS Device

An iOS device is required to access HomeKit accessories, because HomeKit is currently only available on Apple devices. Even if you don’t have an iOS device yet, you can buy a new iPad which is still cheaper than other KNX visualisations.

The Home app is an easy-to-use app and is installed on all iOS devices running iOS 10 or later. You don’t need any other app.

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