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Finances lets you create a backup of your data. A backup is stored in a .fin file which contains all data in JSON format. Attachments are Base64 encoded and included in the backup as well. If you have a lot of attachments, the backup file size might grow very large. Create a separate backup for every journals to keep the backup size small.

Here is an example of a backup file.

Create Backup

  1. Choose FinancesBackup…
  2. Select the journals for the backup
  3. Click Next… and save the backup file
  1. Navigate to the App Settings and tap Backup.
  2. Select the journals for the backup
  3. Tap Next and save the backup file

Import Backup

  1. Choose FileImport…
  2. Select Backup and click Next
  3. Locate a file and click Choose
  1. Open the backup file, for example in iCloud Drive
  2. Tap and select Import with Finances

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