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You prevent unauthorized access to your data by locking Finances after closing. The app then has to be unlocked using the device password, Touch ID or Face ID.

Enable Lock on Exit

  1. Choose FinancesPreferences…Security
  2. Enable Lock on Exit

Finances for Mac will not restore any previously openend windows if Lock on Exit is enabled.

Hint: By enabling Lock on Exit, your data will not be encrypted. Only the access to your data through the Finances app is restricted. On macOS you can still access the unencrypted data in the database.

  1. Navigate to the App Settings and tap Security
  2. Enable Lock on Exit

Hint: If the app is launched within 5 seconds of unlocking your device, you won’t be asked for your device password or fingerprint. If the app was successfully unlocked and closed, you will have to authenticate after 30 seconds again.

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