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Cloud Sync

Finances keeps your data up-to-date on all your devices using iCloud. Finances stores data in a private iCloud database which is encrypted and only available to you – we don’t have access to your data. Learn more in iOS Security Guide – Internet Services – iCloud – CloudKit.

Do the following steps to enable Cloud Sync.

  1. Enable Cloud Sync on one device
  2. Wait until the initial data upload finishes
  3. Enable Cloud Sync on all other devices

Problem Solving

If you experience a problem when syncing data with iCloud, do the following steps.

  • Check if you’re logged into iCloud (iOS Settings → iCloud).
  • Check if you allow background refresh (iOS Settings → General → Background Refresh → Enable Finances).
  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection.

Make sure that all your devices finished uploading new data. On all your devices open the Cloud Sync settings and tap Synchronize Now.

If you completed the steps from above and still get an error, you should reset the data on iCloud and upload your data again.

  1. Disable Cloud Sync in Finances on all your devices
  2. Go to the device which has the most up-to-date data
    1. Make a backup of your data
    2. Reset the cloud data (Reset…Reset Cloud Data)
    3. Enable Cloud Sync again
    4. Wait until all data is uploaded
  3. Go to all other devices
    1. Reset the app data (Reset…Reset App Data)
    2. Enable Cloud Sync again
    3. Wait until all data is downloaded

Reset Cloud Data

Do the following steps to delete all data from iCloud.

  1. Disable Cloud Sync in Finances on all your devices
  2. Reset the cloud data on one of your devices (Reset…Reset Cloud Data)

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